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Discipline Checks

Run automated modelchecks frequently, bring your work to a new level of quality

Discipline checks ensure high quality work on every model you deliver. bimspot learns how your models behave, provides focused feedback on the current quality and delivers information about what was changed between individual versions. Integrate this smart assistant into your daily workflow and stop running into quality issues and non-transparent project progress.

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Run automated BIM Model Checks with bimspot
bimspot offers BIM Coordination Checks
Coordination Checks

Coordinate your plannings constantly, avoid expensive surprises later

To make sure your models are coordinated, we integrate seamless processes to your daily work. Real time coordination ensures that your current planning fits to the latest project progress. Those collision and congruence checks always make sure that valid data is delivered.

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Model viewer

Share model views with co-workers, create a joint planning understanding

The view on a coordinated model enables a fast and deep understanding of how your building works, how issues can be solved and how your ideas can be optimised to achieve project goals. By showing properties of every element, the model viewer makes planning more intuitive than ever before.

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bimspot free IFC Model Viewer
bimspot KPI Project Overview
Project overview

Always be confident to reach your project goals, watch your main KPIs frequently

For project success, it is essential to keep control of the individual goals. bimspot visualises your most important performance indicators to be always updated on your project's health. With the project cockpit at your disposal at every login, detect irregularities early and keep your project always on track.

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Information requirements

Define purposeful information requirements, enable collaborative processes

The key to enable the tremendous power of integrated workflows is the level of information in your BIM models. To easily enable integrated processes, mutual information dependencies in your team are mapped in those requirements. Our proven templates help you ensure that all your features on bimspot are fed with proper data at the right time.

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BIM Information Requirements
BIM Information Fulfillment
Information fulfillment

Keep track of your data level, ensure integrated processes

Data is key, that's why we provide an automated real time information check which gives you an immediate impression of the information level. For granted we push a task if there is any information missing in your model, show you the exact position of the element. Just add information there to make sure all processes can go on.

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KPI dashboard

Define your goals, keep track and celebrate success

Each project comes with individual constraints and goals. By calculating your individual key indicators, bimspot keeps your goals in focus and alarms you immediately if any irregularities occur. Spare yourself the search for the trigger, we show you what has changed and help you focus on enhancing your project.

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bimspot and its KPI Dashboard to keep track of the project
Keep your permissions clear for a successful BIM project
Element permissions

Keep your permissions clear, gain transparency for your team and data.

Every successful BIM project needs well organized data structures. bimspot makes it very simple to provide clear permissions on which model parts different stakeholders are allowed to work on. Proven templates fitting your purpose give you an easy start. Adjust your permissions whenever necessary and ensure best practice workflows with transparent and well structured building data.

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Task list

Get your focus on relevant tasks, deliver best quality in time

In the complex process of planning and building, your team will face many tasks. To be sure that the right topics are worked on at the right time, a deep understanding of processes is necessary. bimspot collects all your tasks and gives you indications as to which tasks should be solved earliest in order to achieve the best progress. Use your tasks in your independent choice of BIM software to keep your focus on your work and not on surroundings.

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Get your focus on relevant tasks of your BIM project
bimspot makes it easy to access latest information of your project
Quantity Take off

Always work with valid data, extract it 24/7 for every purpose

A tight project timeline requires fast but stable decisions. Our database provides you all the latest information of the current plannings, and ensures that you work and decide with valid data, no matter the time or location. Get rid of version jungle and focus on what is truly important.

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Project shown on screens: Future Art Lab Vienna - © Pichler& Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH

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